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  • Ship to Gaza is unaffiliated with political and religious organizations. It is a non-profit association which wishes to promote increased respect for human rights and international law.
  • Ship to Gaza interprets the humanitarian emergency in Gaza as being created by political policy.
  • Ship to Gaza intends to supply, man and sail the ship with humanitarian aid from the Nordic countries via European and Mediterranean ports.

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Press release  It has been a year since the hijacking of Ship to Gaza Sweden’s sailing ship S/V Estelle. The hijacking took place in international waters, 38 nautical miles off the coast of the Gaza strip.
Press release Rafah, the only available crossing for ordinary Palestinians who wants to travel to or from the Gaza strip, has been virtually closed since 3 of July. The closure has devastating consequences for the everyday life of the Palestinians. Ill people can’t travel for treatments, students can’t reach their universities, and families are separated.
News Charlie Andreasson who in 2012 was a sailor on Ship to Gaza Sweden’s cargo schooner S/V Estelle, has now returned to the Gaza Strip. He will remain there to launch the Gaza’s Ark, to break the illegal blockade from within.
News This evening Swedish musicians will perform with the project Gaza Singing for Peace. The performance takes place at seven o’clock at the Hotel Almat’haf Gaza Palestine.
Press release On Tuesday November 19th, at 10 am, Ship to Gaza and 19 injured persons will file a police report on four high-ranking Israeli officers. The report will be filed at the central Stockholm police station on Kungsholmsgatan 43.
News The British aid organisation Oxfam has published a report about the situation in Gaza during September. Oxfam states that:
Press release The Right Livelihood Award Foundation decided on Thursday September 26 to award the human rights lawyer Raji Sourani the Right Livelihood Price, also known as the Alternative Nobel Price. Mr. Sourani is a resident of the Gaza Strip, and is the first Palestinian to ever receive the price.
News A good video that deals with the current situation at the Rafah border crossing, and puts it all into context. Also see: Ship to Gaza Sweden demands: Egypt, open Rafah now!

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